If you need a place to cut loose, we've got the club for you. We have all the dancing, drinks and excitement you could hope for in Victoria. Discover why so many partygoers spend their weekends at The Hay Room Nightclub.



We've got light shows, six bars and cage dancers. Whether you're in the mood to get down to the latest rap and hip-hop jams or you're trying to move to some Tejano music, we're the club for you.

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Come to our dance club in Victoria, TX

Are you ready to cut loose? Break up the monotony of the daily grind with some wild nights at The Hay Room Nightclub, a new premier dance club in Victoria, TX. We’ve got everything you could want in a nightclub: music, dancing, cage dancing, drinks, light shows and a DJ.

If you’re not at The Hay Room Nightclub Nightclub, you’re missing the one of the most exciting new hubs of nightlife in town. Get out of the house and into our club tonight.

Get wild with this weekend

If you're ready for a good time, you need to come out to The Hay Room Nightclub. We've got something there for everyone ages 21 and up. It's a nightclub experience you can't pass up.

Come to our dance club in Victoria, TX, if you enjoy:


So, you're trying to decide where to go dancing with your friends. The Hay Room Nightclub has good music and a great dance floor. Plus, we have an in-house DJ who'll blow you away.


We have six bars in our nightclub. Each bar has a full range of delicious drinks to satisfy every person in your friend group.


There's never a dull moment at our club. We have cage dancers and floor dancers, plus an in-house DJ and live bands. You can also come to The Hay Room Nightclub for incredible light shows.

Why Stay In When You Can Go Out?

Come to our club for a night you'll never forget

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    Victoria, TX 77901


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